Meet Artistic Mastermind Diego Lorenzini

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Née: Diego Lorenzini
Raíces: Talca, Chile
Sounds Like: A one-man Chilean version of Kings Of Convenience/Simon & Garfunkel/The Shins
You should listen to Diego Lorenzini because…there’s no such thing as bad Chilean music. And if there is, well, I’ve yet to hear it!

There is practically nothing that artist Diego Lorenzini can’t do. His resume reads like every aspiring, music-obsessed teenager’s dream: he’s a member of non-experimental (as they like to call themselves) group Varios Artistas, he composed the music for director Pablo Cerda’s film Educación Física, he is general editor at record label Uva Robot AND he’s a talented sketch artist to boot.

Apparently, that’s not enough because Lorenzini is set to debut his solo record, Trenzas Ad Honorem, soon. It’s nine tracks of acoustic jams and his dreamy, angelic voice. But wait…there’s more! Trenzas Ad Honorem may be the first of four albums he’ll release this year. He’s also working on a new album with Varios Artistas, the debut LP of Tus Amigos Nuevos and a compilation album for Naranja Y Los Colchones.