Meet Berlina, Another Cohort of Spanish Shoegazers [ESP]

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Né(e): Sergio Amor, Alfonso Herrero, Sylvain Bertelli, José Gutiérrez
Raíces: Madrid and Ávila
Sounds Like…more of that ’80s shoegaze revival stuff!
You should listen to Berlina because…the other 983,459,834,654 shoegaze/nu-gaze bands from Spain weren’t enough.

I guess it’s time we called this a renaissance. Berlina is one of a multitude of bands coming out of Spain who are rocking the shoegaze/nu-gaze sound via walls of guitars, distant vocals filled with hella echo effects, and other dreamscape-ish things. I guess it makes sense that the scene is quickly getting saturated with much of the same since Spain is a pretty small country (you can travel from one end to the other by high-speed rail in a day) and everyone is probably listening to each other’s projects half the time. That being said, we’re not getting tired of any of it and we want to welcome Berlina with open arms and ears.

There’s a bit of confusion behind their origins. Berlina first began as Million (or was it Million Ways?) back in 2006 (or was it 2008?). Either way, founder Alfonso Herrero saw the band through a number of growing pains until finally settling on a lineup that worked well. Their debut EP, Anverso, was more pop than anything, while its follow-up, Parcialmente Despejado, saw the group take its first steps into more ambient, shoegaze sounds that led to the birth of last year’s self-titled EP.

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