Meet Bocanegra: Makes Some Noise for Lima’s Hard Rock/Industrial Trio

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Née: Carlos Bocanegra (vocals, guitar), Pablo Aranzazú (bass) and Josué Vásquez (drums)
Raices: Lima, Peru and North Carolina
Sounds Like: A little bit like the Foo Fighters and
You should listen to Bocanegra because… Peru (and North Carolina?) has more to offer besides panpipes and old-time music.

The curious thing about Bocanegra was that it was never meant to be anything serious. The post-punk/industrial bilingual group was originally conceived as a side project by members of this trio who were doing pretty well in their respective groups (Dolores Delirio, Almática and Astrea). Then one day, fate decides to toss a curve ball by putting those bands on hiatus and Bocanegra becomes the focus. That turned out to be the best thing for Carlos Bocanegra, Aranzazú and Vásquez (though not so much for their other bandmates) who impressively charted the Peruvian Modern Rock charts for nine weeks in a row. Their forthcoming debut album, co-produced by Martin Atkins (who’s collaborated with Pigface, Ministry, Nine Inch Nails, and other industrial, post-punk bands), is a 12-track compilation of tracks that straddle a fine line between hard rock, industrial and new wave. You can get a taste of it at their bandcamp page were you can stream their two EPs. Or conveniently download “Love (the) Machine” below and watch the official video.

[audio-player aws_file=”Bocanegra – Love (the) Machine.mp3″ aws_name=”Bocanegra – Love (the) Machine”]

The trio is currently on a kickstarter to raise some funds for their upcoming music video to be shot in late May, so if you like what you hear, click HERE to learn more.

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