Meet Brigitte Laverne: Lavish Barcelona Synth Pop

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Née: Brigitte Laverne
Raíces: Barcelona
Sounds like: Chromatics’ Ida No, straight ’80s
You should listen to Brigitte Laverne because: you really liked Drive?

Brigitte Laverne brings ’80s lo-fi dance pop to the table. Although lo-fi can erroneously imply low quality, there is no lack of quality in her sound. Her creations always deliver on the simplicity front, but are no less stellar for it.

Based in Barcelona, Laverne’s voice and classic pop style potentially position her with other like-minded musicians, such as Ida No of Chromatics. “Phoebe’s Room,” “Joy,” and “Beto” (all released in 2013) are aesthetically pointing to vintage melodic synth pop, but with a fresh-and-clean spin. It’s sunny, it’s sweet, but there’s no sugarcoating. It’s raw.