Meet Brothers of Brazil: Ballsy Punka Nova Duo

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Née: Supla and Joäo
Raíces: São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Sounds like: A high potent bilingual blend of punk, rockabilly and bossa nova.
You should listen to Brothers of Brazil because… they not only got cool eye candy punk outfits, but their jams will take you on a boisterous bossa nova expedition.


They got flamboyance, carnivalesque theatrics, high-crazed energy, and an sick amalgamation of punk bossa nova ditties. Meet Brothers of Brazil, folks, and take this track for instance: “I Hate The Beatles.” Eloquent bossa nova finger plucking, steady syncopated drum beats, and for lyrics? Umm…. pretty ballsy. I mean, how many songs have you come across that pay ode to these British heavyweights, aand that start off with a loud I hate you. So, goes to show never judge a song by its title. It’s pretty charming. Check it out below (it’s a free download).

The brotherly duo premiered their self-titled debut, produced by Mario Caldato (Beastie Boys, Tone Loc), a few months back via Side One Dummy — both guys on vocals; Supla playing drums and Joäo on acoustic guitar. On it, “Blinded by Fashion” detests rejection of mainstream trends, “Take the Money and Run Away To Rio” critiques capitalism, “Punch You” is about people we like who get on our nerves. And previous to their musical expeditions, the effervescent duo started off hosting a national variety show in their native country, Brothers on Rede TV, which makes them radder because you not only expect to hear a blithely blend of raucous bossa nova, but expect to watch an über-animated act.

Brothers of Brazil – I Hate the Beatles