Meet Bruno Darío & Las Otras Dimensiones: Experimental Post Punk Lullabys

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Née: Bruno Dario, Mauricio Cadaver, Humanoid Mutations
Raíces: Mexico City, Mexico
Sounds like: A Latin experimental version of The Fall…and a bit like The Velvet Underground
You should listen to Darío & Las Otras Dimensiones because… you don’t hear too many bands who can sound like The Fall and pull it off. Bruno Dario’s interesting vocal style is a great treat, and the music is well composed, weird and catchy at the same time.

Darío & Las Otras Dimensiones is a strange and exciting band. This Mexican post-punk, experimental group brings a unique sound, and has an enticing and mysterious band image. Our featured track, “Un Accidente” from their latest release, Enfermedad de Verano / Locura Compartida, is a 6 minute song that starts out as a mellow experimental ballad that builds into a sort of neo post punk anthem with Dario’s members chanting behind him. It reminds a bit of The Velvet Underground’s classic tune,”Heroin.” Darío & Las Otras Dimeniones track will wanna make you pump your fists and dance to the forward moving and organic melodies of this climactic song.

Listen to Darío & Las Otras Dimensiones if you like weird experimental post-punk and shoegaze, rock and roll. “Un Accidente” is a free download at Vale Vergas Discos. Own it and stream it below: