Meet Campodónico: From Rocanrol to Peruvian Folk Rock

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Née: Humberto Campodónico
Raíces: Lima, Peru
Sounds like… he’s using an Andean charango in the featured song below, but it’s a 12 string gee-tah.
You should listen to Campodónico because…. it’s interesting when the leader of a cool band goes solo and switches to a different genre, and it turns out to be actually good!

Not to be confused with the Uruguayan ñu cumbia artist Juan Campodónico of Bajofondo, Peruvian-Belgian singer/songwriter Humberto Campodónico is Lima’s rising star and a force not to be reckoned with. Formerly of the lauded skabilly rock quartet Turbopótamos (who’ve opened up shows for megastars like Oasis and R.E.M), Campodónico traded that rock ‘n’ roll swagger with some feel-good folky tunes and a bohemian-like nylon acoustic guitar, recently making his solo debut at this year’s SXSW. Let me remind you that we’ve featured this artist’s latest single: his heavy-on-the-12-string single “Complicated” which appeared on our exclusive SXSW Playlist Sampler. Campodónico recently showcased his self-titled 3-track EP, his debut last year, Waxahachie, and is currently working on a full-length all-English release. Check out his SXSW video and stream the beautifully upbeat tune “Complicated” below.

Campodonico – Complicated by campodonico

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