Meet Capitán: Spanish Post-Punk Para El Siglo 21

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Née: Adrián de Alfonso, Pau Riutort, and Cacho Salvador
Raíces: Barcelona, Spain
Sounds like: A Spanish version of The Birthday Party
You should listen to Capitán because… How many other bands can claim to fly the post-punk flag without sounding kitschy or derivative?


Oh, the things you’ll find on the interwebs. While shuffling through my WordPress feed, out comes some post-punk sounds with traces of goth, en español. The sound belongs to the Barcelona-based trio Capitán who’s composed of guitarist Adrián De Alfonso, drummer Pau Riutort, and newcomer bassist/vocalist Cacho Salvador. Signing with Spanish label Discoteca Océano last October, the trio released three singles off their upcoming debut release: “Portugal,” “Birmania,” and “Maquina De Los Sueños.” All three singles, actually the entire album, mesh a post-punk smorgasbord sounding similar to Nick Cave’s ’70s/’80s group The Birthday Party. Throw in a few flourishes of Echo & The Bunnymen-style guitar sounds plus bass lines that New Order and Bauhaus would be proud of and you have the beautiful, haunting sounds of Capitán.

Check out the video for “Maquina De Los Sueños” below, which features a montage of Maya Deren’s film The Eye Of Night.

Máquina de los sueños. Capitán from Lauradedíaz on Vimeo.