Meet Captain Planet: Savin' the World with Gumbo (+ mp3)

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Raíces: City of Angels-based, and Brooklyn-bred.
Sounds like: A gumbo stew with Caribbean, African, samba, funk, and jazz in the mix. 
You should listen to Captain Planet because…he’s no longer saving the environment, but crate-digging world music.


Captain Planet is back but he’s no longer the environmental superhero from the early ’90s. This time, he’s the crate-digging, world music-loving DJ/producer alter ego of Charlie Bethel Wilder from Los Angeles.

Captain Planet is hitting the streets, blogs and airwaves with a few singles, including “Get You Some” (available for free download below) off his debut LP Cookin’ Gumbo. The title is a nod to his debut EP Gumbo Funk from 2005 in which he developed his signature style: hip-hop production and sampling of beats and rhythms pulled from every corner of the world: Caribbean, African, Samba, Funk, Jazz, etc.

“Get You Some” is the type of summer tune that goes great with the tag-team of Captain Morgan in one hand and a dance partner in the other. Guitar? Check. Horn section? Check. Jazz-influenced keyboards? Check. Provocative lyrics? Check, courtesy of Brit Lauren. “We can build a fire with our footsteps,” she sings, “blaze a trail one thousand miles high. We don’t have to settle down and marry. I don’t need no time to work things out.” Daaaaaaaaamn, which night club is she at on Friday nights?!

The Captain will be stopping by a few cities on this Planet including L.A. (9/8), Brooklyn (9/9), Washington D.C. (9/10) or San Francisco (9/15) if your hungry for some Gumbo.

Captain Planet feat. Brit Lauren – Get You Some by bastardjazz