Meet: Carmen Costa, The Psychedelic River [MEX]

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Né(e): Manu, Cheo, Aarón, Decko
Raíces: Mexico City, Mexico
Sounds like: Psychedelic rock with rockabilly and country rock brushstrokes that’s happy as punch to celebrate the beautiful things in life.
You should listen to Carmen Costa because…it proves that deep, layered music can also be happy and rewarding.

Upon listening to the infectious songs of Carmen Costa, one gets an undeniable wave of positive vibes from the get go. Unlike most happy-go-lucky outfits, the four-piece band outfit their slices of sunshine with multidimensional sounds that make you want to stick around for more than the life-affirming melodies.

Formed by Manu, Beto, and Paz (of which only Manu remains) in 2006, the band released their discographic debut in 2009 through venerable indie Intolerancia, produced by Martin Thulin of Los Fancy Free. However, they took a major creative step forward with 2013’s La chica francesa, which includes “Estereo,” a track that’s already something of a word-of-mouth hit single. The album was produced by Eduardo Pacheco (Los Dynamite, Beso Negro) and has taken them to this year’s Vive Latino as well as Festival Marvin.

When asked to describe his band’s sound, Manu answered, “We played with the Crocodiles and they said we were like a psychedelic river. I think that sums it up best.”

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