Meet Celestial Bums: Spanish Psychedelic Rock Is Undead

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Née: Japhy Ryder, David InFurs, Charlie “fuzz” Segura, Augusto J. Marchetti, Lotte Blum
Raíces: Barcelona, Spain
Sounds like: A sultry Latin version of The Brian Jonestown Massacre — beautiful, classic neo psychedelia
You should listen to Celestial Bums because…. they make Pink Floyd sound like outdated versions LSD musical beauty.

Barcelona’s neo psych rock quintet Celestial Bums is band that’s been able to hit every chord and artistic mood bending transition through their music to create an almost flawless soundscape experience.

Although Celestial Bums’ music highly resonates the sounds of ’70s Pink Floyd and early Velvet Underground, there is a postmodern touch to their expressive, yet disciplined sound. You’re not going to hear heavy psych guitar solos, or theatrical vocals, but Celestial Bums write clean and sensual psych tracks. The temperance of their music is refreshing.

If you like The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Pink Floyd, or psych rock in general, you’re in for a laid back and truly enjoyable treat. Celestial Bums self-titled album is beautiful and excitingly mellow from beginning to end.