Meet Cilantro Boombox: Well Seasoned Latin Funk

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Née: Félix Pacheco, Joe Woullard, Zumbi Richards & Andrés Villegas
Raíces: Austin, Texas
Sounds like: Los Amigos Invisibles with more emphasis on the breaks
You should listen to Cilantro Boombox because… there’s not such a thing as too much cilantro on your salsa, or on your boombox.

We don’t know much about Cilantro Boombox, yet. But I have a feeling that’s going to start changing soon. The band with the coolest name to ever come out from Austin’s Latin alternative scene is getting ready to release their debut album in just a couple of weeks and it comes with the quality seal of Adrián Quesada (Grupo Fantasma, Brownout, Echocentrics, Ocote Soul Sounds) who mixed the recording.

Led by Venezuelan Félix Pacheco, Cilantro Boombox has been part of Austin’s scene for the past two years and define their style as a mix between rock, Afro-Latin rhythms, funk, hip-hop and Venezuelan music. So far, however, we have only one song available to sample (in two different versions), and it reminds us a lot of the godfathers of Venezuelan funk, Los Amigos Invisibles, albeit with more emphasis on the funky break beats.

Like I said in the beginning, not a lot more is know about them and I’m seriously curious to find out what else they have to offer. I guess I’ll have to wait for their album to drop on September 14th like everybody else. In the meantime I’ll have the bilingual funk of “Last Call” in high rotation on my headphones.