Meet: Cumbia Punkeros Malportado Kids

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Née: Victoria Ruiz and Joey L DeFrencesco
Raíces: Providence, Rhode Island
Sounds like: Nu-cumbia/tribal’s angrier, socially conscious prima
You should listen to Malportado Kids because…you want to dance while you smash the patriarchy.

Cumbia-punk is a hybrid genre we don’t hear about enough because, unfortunately, there aren’t enough cumbia-punk bands out there. Thankfully, we now have a new addition to this short list with Malportado Kids.

The kids in question are Victoria Ruiz and Joey DeFrancesco, also of bilingual punk outfit Downtown Boys. Where the latter focuses on crusty guitars and synchronized screaming, the former is all keyboards and sampled horns.

However, both groups share a political agenda. Who says you can’t dance or have fun while dismantling a racist & sexist patriarchal society?

Check out their video for “Mi Concha,” a song that is definitely not about seashells.

[insert-video youtube=036ENRHOMi0]