Meet Dani Shivers: Tijuana's New Witch House Femme Fatale

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Née: You Schaffner
Raíces: Tijuana!
Sounds like: Electro-toy horror-twee goth
You should listen to Dani Shivers because: Actually don’t. I was in love with her first!


You Schaffner, better known under her working name Dani Shivers is a Tijuana newcomer. She has already collaborated with one of TJ ruidosón pioneers Los Macuanos and has caught our attention with her rough Jinx Demo EP and low budget video (really fucking low budget) for “Witch” (which we featured on our 2011 Sounds of the Scary playlist) — a song that makes you feel like you are in a Mexican elevator in hell with a little chipmunk who is hiding something dangerous behind her back. Ever see Kill Bill? She would be Gogo Yubari, the school girl who takes on Uma with a meteor hammer after she wipes out the Crazy 88. She said in the movie right before stabbing a guy in the stomach (hold the knife) “Do you still wish to penetrate me?… Or is it I who has penetrated you?” This is what goes through your mind. Do you wish to penetrate? Or has Dani Shivers already penetrated your mind with infectious cutesy little sounds from an ’80s hell? Yeah, Dani Shivers seems like she would be like a little Care Bear until she rips your fucking head off in a dark alley, but in a way that you would like. This is one of those artists you end up obsessed with, in a creepy way. We can’t wait for her debut because we know it will penetrate our minds and keep us obsessed.

Up! by Dani Shivers