Meet: Daniela Spalla, From Jazz to Stage Musicals [ARG]

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Twitter: @Kiddieriot

Née: Daniela Spalla
Raíces: Córdoba, Argentina
Sounds like: A jazzy stage review of ’80s pop music with personal lyrics
You should listen to Daniela Spalla because…she will have you singing beautiful melodies for days on end.

A restless soul, Daniela first moved from her native Córdoba to Buenos Aires, starting her career there. Some time later she moved once again. a little further north to Mexico, where she has been honing her craft, working with fellow Argentine expat and drummer Hernán Hecht to produce an EP, which led to her debut full length, Ahora vienen por nosotros. The record has already spawned two singles and videos, “Arruinármelo” and “Folk japonés,” which feature the charismatic singer in eye-catching scenes.

Beyond her well-developed visual aesthetic, her sound material has a personality that’s all her own. While the music recalls the synthetic pop-funk rhythms of ’80s radio, her vocal melodies and inflections have jazz and stage musicals written all over them, giving her music a fresh spin and an immediate catchy sense. They might often seem happy but her lyrics are personal and heartbreaking, giving it all a nice contrast. Just listen to “Arruinármelo” to get an idea of her vocal and musical ability.

Daniela has had a great year so far, playing Vive Latino and now Marvin Fest. The future looks bright for her.

Listen to Ahora vienen por nosotros and her previous self-titled EP below.