Meet Diamante Eléctrico, Colombian Blues-Rock Trio

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Né(e): Juan Galeano, Daniel Alvarez, Andee Zeta
Raíces: Bogotá, Colombia
Sounds Like: Banda De Turistas jamming with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
You should listen to Diamante Eléctrico because…fuzzy guitars are the best guitars.

It’s easy to throw around words such as “retro,” “throwback,” and “classic” in order to describe the music from Bogotá-based trio Diamante Eléctrico. Members Juan Galeano, Daniel Alvarez, and Andee Zeta have an affinity for fuzzy, distorted guitars and vocals, loud crashing cymbals, etc.

To leave it at that though would be lazy and a disservice to a band that is doing more than simply pretending to be Jimi Hendrix or Led Zeppelin. The group’s self-titled debut is 10 tracks of fun, head-nodding garage/blues rock that is a welcome change of pace from all the indie and bass-heavy jams coming out of South America these past few years. That probably explains all the accolades it’s received since its release this past May. Well, that and it’s a great record that should make a few end-of-year lists two months from now.