Meet iZem: A Globetrotting DJ (+ Free EP)

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Née: Jérémie Moussaid Kerouanton
Raíces: French-bred, Portugal-based
Sounds like: Mellowed-out electro sensual sounds from across the globe.
You should listen to DJ iZem because… you somehow found a connection between Mano Negra and coffeehouse Putumayo tunes.

There’s an elusive quality about DJ iZem (née Jérémie Moussaid Kerouanton) that creates an aura you can’t see but you know is there. Having traveled through Brazil, Spain, Argentina and Ireland on a six year musical expedition, this French DJ brought back a hybridity of sounds that weaves Latin, Caribbean and European music together. To mention a few of his remixes of artists like Zizek‘s La Yergos, to Portugal’s Orelha Negra and music by British label Wah Wah 45’s, it’s evident that this DJ/producer and radio host holds no boundaries, as he’s pretty much all over the music spectrum.

Just out last week, iZem along with several artists united to create a multilingual sophomore 5-track EP – a follow up to his 2011 debut. The intro-track “Belén” is a lulling, sensual song that features the sweet Spanish vocals of Mexican singer Yolanda Reyes. “Resíduo” feat. Eko is a trippy psych reggae track that reminds of Pato Banton’s classic reverberated skank-riffs, yet with more mellowed-out electronics, and “Elefantes e Castelos” feat. Juliana Durães and Danny Groenland is an unapologetic Portuguese hip-hop track that resonates with a cool funky sound all around. “Rocksteady” with Madu is just cool, jazzy and soulful stuff, and last but not least, iZem with Michael Kiwanuka, renowned British soul musician, unite for a banger and sample a tiny bit piece of The Beatles ultra harmonious classic “Because” adding some of that magic.

This electro chill twister is pretty neet stuff, and it’s up for grabs as a free download