Meet DMK: Colombian father-kids do Depeche Mode covers

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Née: Dicken Schrader, Mila Schrader & Korben Schrader
Raíces: Bogotá, Colombia
Sounds like: Depeche Mode, duh!
You should listen to DMK because… Depeche Mode hasn’t put out a decent hit song in a while, and revisiting their classics is always good.

Of all parents out there on youtube pimping out their kids for 15 milliseconds of viral stardom, this father-children band has got to be amongst the most talented, original and definitely the cutest.

DM are the universally recognized initials of the best synth-driven band that ever existed, Depeche Mode. Add a K to the formula and what you get? DMK. Or, what happens when a Colombian ultra-fan of Dave Gahan wants to start a tribute band but doesn’t have time to rehearse because taking care of two kids fills up all of his schedule?

To make things infinite-times more interesting, Dicken Schrader (what?! who said he can’t be Colombian with a name like that?), replaced most of the hi-tech synths with instruments that you can find in pretty much any kid’s room and some other home appliances, like a cheese grater and an empty plastic soda bottle. And of course, he force-fed his kids with songs that came out almost two decades before they were born. But who can blame him for parental abuse after watching this five minutes of über-cuteness? I mean, at least he’s not coercing them to do disturbingly age-inapropriate covers of Nicki Minaj, right?

[insert-video youtube=57lXFhH6aeM]