Meet El Roy MT & Los Monstruos Del Mañana: A New Machine of Funk Soul [MEX]

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Twitter: @Kiddieriot

Née: A bunch of monsters who hail from the future. They are often in the company of El Roy MT.
Raíces: The dark corners of Mexico City dancefloors.
Sounds like: In the words of it’s creator: “Post-apocalyptic tropical garage.”
You should listen to El Roy MT & Los Monstruos Del Mañana because…their songs are fun, unpredictable and highly danceable.

This act doesn’t have a lot of info or music out yet. If you search for it, you’ll find an EP, a comp track and a Pura Crema video with some sweet beats. What it lacks in quantity (and thoroughness), it makes up in quality and funk– a combination of latin stylings, ambient synths, digital soul funk groove, and a marvelous sense of percussion. El Roy MT blends Latino DNA with European leanings. It’s refreshing to hear an act grow up in public while retaining a sense of style, like a seventh-grader going to a neighborhood party in a tux.

[insert-video youtube=961qMKm2Ibc]

El Roy MT (Rodrigo Martínez Torres) used to play bass in the band Mr. Foxtrot before all his bandmates left to study abroad. In 2012, he began recording tracks with his computer. Before he knew what he was doing, he had a full EP uploaded to Bandcamp called Backyard Philosophy. A year later, he released a second EP but quickly deleted it (except for the track “Los Monstruos Del Mañana” which appeared in the NWLA comp Nu Romantics Vol. II); he is currently reworking it to his complete satisfaction. Recently, the project became a full on band for live presentations, featuring guitar, bass, drums, synths vocals, and a dude playing samples and maracas. They already rocked Marvin Fest a few months ago and will be playing the Remezcla/Tony Delfino/NWLA showcase at Festival Antes.

His talent for blending influences is undeniable, and once the band settles into its own skin, El Roy is sure to give us more quality moments.