Meet Elmayonesa: Estonia-based, Argentine cumbia-raver drops new video

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Née: Nicolás Behler, a.k.a. Diddi Mayonesa
Raíces: Mendoza, Argentina
Sounds like… Fauna, El Chávez
You should listen to Elmayonesa because… if you happen to live in Eastern Europe and you like cumbia, he’s like your only choice.

Elmayonesa shares with ZZK‘s frontrunner Fauna his origin, the province of Mendoza (where Super Guachín is also from), right where the highest peaks of the Andes separate Argentina from Chile. And at a first glimpse there are some obvious aesthetic similarities too. The big difference is, while Fauna and the rest of the ZZK guys made it big through a nightclub in Buenos Aires, Elmayonesa took the long route, literally, and left his hometown to travel the old world as a backpacker ending up by some random circumstance in Estonia, of all places.

A couple of years ago, Elmayonesa jumped to international notoriety when he dropped a song that became a surprise hit in Eastern Europe, it borrowed rhythms from Argentina’s cumbia villera, but the lyrics where in Estonian! Since then he hasn’t looked back.

This time however, we have Elmayonesa singing/rapping on his native language and we can finally appreciate the playful wording and dirty sense of humor in his lyrics (that is, if you’re well versed in Argentine vernacular) over an irresistible futuristic cumbia-raver track. The name of the EP and song “La Guaymallenina” makes reference to some girl from the town of Guaymallén, in Mendoza, who apparently went to a private school, but that doesn’t stop her from being naughty on the dancefloor. The EP includes a moombah remix plus instrumental end acapella versions for those who wanna experiment with some homemade mashups.

[insert-video youtube=aVx7l4iVwSI]