Meet: Elsa y Elmar, So Sweet it Hurts [USA]

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Né: Elsa Carvajal
Raíces: Colombia
Sounds like: Natalia Lafourcade, Ceci Bastida, Carla Morrison, and the lot
You should listen to Elsa y Elmar because…you might need a sweeter selection on your Spotify.

Elsa y Elmar, a current Berklee graduate (congrats!), is an up-and-comer who makes small-in-scale, unassuming folk tracks. The Boston-based, Colombia-rooted singer veers toward the sweet side of pop: jangly acoustics, upbeat melodies, and self-reflexive ballads. Her debut EP, Sentirnos Bienwhich has beautiful cover art by The Collected Works—features six tracks to better acquaint you with her all-encompassing soft side. “Me Viene Bien” is a highlight, bringing a heavier energy to the table, while piano-led “El Final” charmingly teeters into sassy terrain.

Listen to the whole thing below and take a questionable trip back to 1992 with her ode (?) to Paulina Rubio’s “Mio,” which you can download for free.