Meet Eureka The Butcher: Low End Theory’s Man in El Paso

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Née: Marcel Rodríguez-Lopez
Raíces: El Paso, TX
Sounds Like: Is psychedelic desert-dub a genre?
You should listen to Eureka The Butcher because: There aren’t enough sick beats in your life.

I’m pretty sure that you, dear readers, are familiar with the Rodriguez-Lopez family of musicians so, when I inform you that Eureka The Butcher is Marcel’s production moniker, you already know that I’m talking about the Rodriguez-Lopez sibling who drums for Zechs Marquise (recall this RMX?) and plays keys for The Mars Volta.

Eureka A.K.A. Marcel has been working on beats for some time now under the guidance of the Low End Theory’s group of producers/DJs such as DJ Nobody (Elvin Estela). Fans should recognize Nobody from Omar’s Low End Theory-ish solo record, Tychozorente.

Eureka’s already released a few tracks of his psychedelic desert-dub, including a remix of Death Grips’ “Guillotine,” on the band’s soundcloud. The tracks blend some of the funk found in his work with Zechs Marquise with the ambience, sample, and beat-work of guys like Samiyam and Flying Lotus.

Check out the teaser for his debut album below, which will hopefully be out later this year.

[insert-video vimeo=27038751]