Meet: Felipe el Hombre, Arid Weather & Chilly Nights [MEX]

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Né: Mario Murillo, Alejandro Flores
Raíces: Nuevas Casas Grandes, Chihuahua
Sounds Like: A breezier take on ’70s blues-based rock with attitude and good vibes
You should listen to Felipe El Hombre because…they prove you don’t have to be from a big city to rock like the greats.

Listening to the reverb-drenched bluesy riffs of Felipe El Hombre, you would never guess they formed in 2012, but the union of Mario Murillo (vocals/guitar) and Alejandro Flores (guitar) is one built on chemistry, not years of practice. Hailing from Chihuahua, you can hear the influence of the arid weather and chilly nights in their music, something fans of the Black Keys or Apolo will appreciate. Having said that, the band stands out from most rock revivalists by almost doing without distortion and frenetic rhythms, grooving at their own pace to achieve an unmatched atmosphere.

Murillo and Flores have since moved to Mexico City and added drummer Daniel Pliego to their lineup to achieve a more organic sound. They released an EP titled Despertar in late 2013, but they are already at work on new material, which they will be playing at this year’s Marvin Fest.

If guitar greats from yesteryear and good boogie vibes are your thing, it’s likely that Felipe El Hombre are already playing your new favorite tune.

Check out their Bandcamp page.

Despertar” video

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Otro día” video

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(Photo by Marcelo Quiñones)