Meet Foglia: Puerto Rican Band Does Electro-Dance Right

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Née: Sebastián Foglia and bandmates
Raíces: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Sounds like: LCD Soundsystem meets Los Wookies at the Puerto Rican Day Parade
You should listen to Foglia because… You secretly (or not so secretly) have had a crush on Ricky Martin since forever but your indie proclivities dissuade you from admitting your passion for Marc Antony and JLo, too.

Well, your prayers have been answered. Here’s a band that pillages the open seas for sonic booty (i.e. loot for all your dirty minds) and cannon balls with the best of electro-rock, pop, and dance wrapped up in one big orchestral fiesta. The long and the skinny goes something like this: Foglia founder and frontman, Sebastian Foglia hits up Joel to produce and record his first solo album, Foglia: Lounge House Sound. They then combine forces for a full out due, and smash out as second album, Foglia: Spread the News. For their third instillation, Sebastian rounds up bunch of rock stars to make Foglia’s lives set as insane as possible. And, there you have it. The complete evolution of something so simple but absolutely breathtaking. The band has worked with Calle 13, done private shows for Enrique Iglesias, and is definitely worthy of their signing over to the elite Warner/Chappell Music Publishing.

Watch out cause these crazy Caribbean captains of live band/electronic mayhem have been pirating the sonic waters for their third album, Foglia: Electro-Dance. The title says it all. Stream their first single “Madeline Monroe” from this upcoming below: