Meet Francois Peglau: An Unlikely Peruvian in Paris

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Raíces: Lima, Peru-birthed and French/Argentinean-blooded via London, UK
Sounds like: A nostalgic warm autumn walk in an enchanted city; mellow and dreamy.
You should listen to Francois Peglau because…trust me, bohemian singer-songwriting transplants usually have interesting things to say.


Okay, seriously it’s just Tuesday and yet we’ve featured so many music videos in the past couple of days. It’s a first that so many amazing ones been coming my route. So we’ll give you a proper introduction to Francois Peglau, who you’ll recognize from our July Peruvian compilation El Mix, Vol 5: Chicha Morada Sounds. Peglau is a special artist in many ways. He’s a charming and a lovely sad puppy-eyed Peruvian singer-songwriter based in London with an unlikely soothing baratone voice that’s dreamy yet melancholic. After releasing the (un)optimistically-titled The Imminent Failure of Francois Peglau, it’s my speculation he’s perhaps a Godard aficionado, or maybe just a romantic folk artist with an old soul. His latest old fashion-esque video for “Holidays” (also a FREE download) is directed by Fracaso Productions and features him nonchalantly strolling Paris’ gorgeous, antique streets on a bike, which will also be included on his forthcoming 2012 LP. I know I certainly look forward for it.

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