Meet Fusibles: Argentina's Alt-Experimental Quartet Gots Fly Music

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Née: L.Baumann, Pablo Olivera, Lalo Pineda, Maxi Garcia.
Raíces: San Miguel, Buenos Aires, AR
Sounds like: A little bit of Sonic Youth, Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins
You should listen to Fusibles because… they do impressive instrumental transitions. It’s straight up good clean alternative rock.

Buenos Aires-based quartet Fusibles must be very proficient in regards to music composition and dexterity. This alt-experimental band simply shows off their skills as instrumentalists. Their songs are full of profound movements and moods that are reminiscent to classical music, and Mozart was one to always have themes and visions for the instrumental pieces he was writing. It’s clear Fusibles has a rare talent to convey expressive ideas through music, hence proclaiming it as “música de vuelo” on the band’s Facebook. Take the group’s song “Formas (en vivo radio Todo esta al reves),” a 10-minute jam off their latest album Collages Sonoros, as an example. It’s a live recording that shows how Fusibles creates different atmospheric music movements to make one understand that this song is about changing form and making shapes. The fact that the song is live just confirms the band’s pure, constructed and well composed talent. Nonetheless, the four-piece can jam very well in jazzy and experimental settings. They shoe their improvisations skills on the track “FUSIBLES+KOSAKO – Fusibles+Kosako ses1” as they jam with a saxophonist.

If you like Sonic Youth, The Pixies and Smashing Pumpkins, this alternative, experimental grunge band is just what you are looking for.