Meet Ghost Switch: Argentina's Ambient Rock Wunderkind

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Née: José Santos Salse
Raíces: Salta, Argentina
Sounds like: Post apocalyptic ambient rock music that over-sensitizes and stimulates your senses.
You should listen to Ghost Switch because… you survived 2012.
Ghost Switch is a mysterious Argentinian ambient, electronic musical project that has recently released its sophomore EP, Mechanic Flowers. The name of the new album is appropriate because Ghost Switch composed new songs like delicate electronic soundscapes that bloom slowly from beginning to end.

Mechanic Flowers is a well-crafted DIY, homemade album, but it’s hard to tell that it was recorded in Lo Fidelity (or lofi as hipsters like to call it). This shows that Ghost Switch birthed an art album that is beautiful enough to fool our ears into thinking that Mechanic Flowers went through a pain staking production process. The album is clean, balanced, and the elements flow together seamlessly, creating a soft orb of experimental and ambient, digital underground sounds.

Ghost Switch crafts a compelling and easy to relax to collection of electronic art songs. If you like post apocalyptic smooth experimental rock, this music is made just for you. Download Mechanic Flowers below for FREE:

<a href=”” mce_href=””>Mechanic Flowers EP by Ghost Switch</a>