Meet Hexagrams: Fresh Young Experimental Rock from Mexico

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Née: Kevin Cervera
Raíces: León, Guanajuato 
Sounds like: Post punk, latin nugaze
You should listen to Hexagrams because: Hexagrams is the new kid on the block, and the music is so good!

Hexagrams is the newest experimental, nugaze music project to hit Mexico. 20-year-old Kevin Cervera is the brainchild of this music project and has just released the powerfully pleasant single “Idiomatic.” This new track is touched with space rock compositional brilliance, and Cervera creates a touching and modern sound that is atmospheric and unique.

Hexagrams will be releasing a new EP titled Analog and will be preparing to release new tracks from the album this spring. This new solo project is an exciting addition to Mexico’s growing underground psych rock and experimental music scene. Hexagrams is sure to develop and evolve into a premium band. Keep your eyes open for their upcoming live shows (Cervera is in rehearsal with his full band consisting of his friends, Sixto, Pix and Diego) and the release of his new EP, Analog.