Meet Holograms: Melancholic Dominican Rock Duo

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Née: Kelvin Uffre and Radi Pina
Raíces: Dominican by way of New York City
Sounds like: Your brain on a candy flip or beautiful Gregorian chants with rock and roll.
You should listen to Holograms because… you want a detox or a mind-expanding voyage, but either way, you’ll definitely get some mind alteration.

Medieval dark chimes with polyphonic harmonies kick off Dominican via New York-based duo Holograms EP debut, Coma Night. Cause really, I’ve never been in a coma, but if I was, it would probably sound something like the initial-track “Alonely.” With a little bit of Syd Barrett’s Opel and a little bit of Bram Stoker’s Dracula Soundtrack, the Holograms have something nostalgic about their music — melancholic organ-mode effects and echoing hymns that overflow the dissonant guitar strums, almost reminiscing a Baroque-eque sound that’s found in the title track. Holograms’ 5-track EP is excellent for a therapeutic retreat tailored for drug rehab in the catacombes of France, or maybe just an intimate pretend tarot card reading session with your lover.

Download Coma Night EP below for FREE, and further down, find the band’s latest release “Young and in Love.”

Holograms – Young and in Love