Meet Indie-Funk Machine Mecanico, More Proof that Chile Can't Make Bad Music Right Now

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Née: Nicolas Parra, Ignacio Ramirez, Omar Van De Wyngard, Fernando Soro, Malaquias Concha
Raíces: Santiago, Chile
Sounds Like: Michael Jackson collaborating with Chromeo
You should listen to Mecanico because…remember when I said there’s no such thing as bad Chilean music? This is more proof of that!

I remember the first time I met Tomas Cookman of Nacional Records. It was a Christmas party the label hosted last year at their office in LA. It wasn’t too late in the evening and he was on his way to the airport to catch his flight to Chile. “That’s where all the music’s at,” he told me. He wasn’t kidding.

Once again, we have another artist/band from Chile who has rocked our socks off in ways we could have never imagined. Like, could anyone have ever imagined Michael Jackson collaborating with Chromeo? Probably not but this is what Mecanico sounds like.

The group was born upon Nicolas Parra’s return to Santiago, Chile from Montreal, Canada where he studied music production. He shared a demo with his former bandmate Ignacio Ramirez and the duo teamed up to release a debut EP. The duo later added Omar Van De Wyngard, Fernando Soro and Christopher Timmerman (later replaced by Malaquias Concha) and Mecanico was born!

Check out their live studio session below and get all jealous that you didn’t see them at Lollapalooza Chile days ago (unless you did see them, in which case we’re insanely jealous).

[insert-video youtube=HC3T3vdK6po]

Mecanico’s latest EP up for grabs for FREE here.