Meet Josie Carr: Hip hop's La Gata Negra Feroz

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Raíces: The way New Yorkers are, I’m sure Brooklyn counts as a root definer…
Sounds like: Mambo/electro/hip hop or an Ana Tijoux from the States.
You should listen to Josie Carr because…. she’s a beast.

Now what exactly makes somebody in the music business worth noting? I think Josie Carr‘s feat defying ability to simultaneously rap, play her own instruments, manage a recording studio and make chart hitting tracks, might be it. Her toxicity is quality control, deadly. Her music mixes club and guitars, sounds and cultures like only a New Yorker could manage. As co-owner of Night Owl Studios, it’s no wonder Carr’s able to pump out sensations. She’s not only an engineer, but singer/songwriter and her production company 1 Woman Productions, Inc. had the single “Wan’ B Like Me” featured in the HBO film Life Support starring Oscar nominated actress Queen Latifah. Now that’s pretty hot! Singles like, “Me Quiere y No Me Quiere” reached no. 2 in the National DJ Pool Association, but her prowess was most notably featured in the film, Lady Beat Makers. That being said, it’s no surprise she’s worked with major labels across the world. Shoot, I think I want her to produce my debut album!

Below download Josie’s “Me Haces Falta” for FREE. And check her out live at The Grand Victory this Friday, the 17th.

Me Haces Falta (Dance Remix) by 1WPMUSIC