Meet Kana Kapila: Music as Sitcom [ESP]

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Né: Pablo, Germán, Tomeu y Jordi

Raíces: Baix Llobregat, Barcelona

Sounds Like…a band that would play at the local fair while you wait in line for a thrill ride.

You should listen to Kana Kapila because…their quirky mix of lyrics and rhythms will alter your perception of routine life in the lightest way possible.

In these times where every cultural reference is just a few clicks away, identities and reputations can be built or destroyed by the implacable power of opinions. So, how is the need for artistic expression able to coexist with the self-awareness of showing your work to a crowd that will probably miss the point of it? The boys from Kana Kapila attempt to cope with everyday absurdity with a smile on their faces and tropical riffs from their guitars.

But before jumping to conclusions about the “tropical sounds from Spain” trend, it’s better to analyze what they have to offer on their first LP, Tambor, Canción y Danza. We get 11 rapid songs that range from nerdy to cartoonish, some times gushing like a jam session at the beach, but mostly breaking down common thoughts about the uselessness of civilizations, unskilled courtship, and those sudden impulses to push annoying people off a cliff. Notable numbers are the lead single “Frutos,” which repeats a mantra about being awesome without anyone noticing, that frolicky intro named “El Valle de Pierde o Gana,” and the curious meaning behind “La Gente No Entiende Nada:” only one verse is sung, but the band claims it serves as a protest against blogs comparing them to certain bands that share a similar sound…who would they be?

Like in a sitcom, every situation comes full circle at the end. Kana Kapila’s erratic youthfulness makes for a great moment of inner exploration, with the joy of careless pop melodies to lighten up that otherwise somber state of mind.