Meet Kordan: Dreamscape Architects

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Née: Arthur F. Eisele Flores, Gabriel Rodriguez Mazzini , Elizabeth Reboyras Rosado
Raíces: Puerto Rico
Sounds like: Tamaryn, Wild Nothing, Viernes
You should listen to Kordan because…they will show you the future.


If you want to know what the year 2036 sounds like, gaze into the foggy depths of your psychic’s crystal ball and you will see Brooklyn shoegazers Kordan making the energetic, melancholic music of the future. Yes, I just conjured an image of Kordan in the future making the music of the future. But before we get into some weird reverse infinite regression (infinite progression?) web, let’s cover the present. The band met in Puerto Rico in early 2000s and, after diverging briefly to different parts of the U.S., the trio reunited in Brooklyn and started Kordan. They’ve since released an EP, Fantasy Nation, and opened for the likes of Cut Copy and The Drums.

Next week Kordan will release their first full-length album, The Longing, which they envisioned as a futuristic dystopia, their idea of Tokyo in the year 2036. Maybe it’s not quite as bleak as Brave New World or 1984, but the world that Kordan constructs from layers of wispy reverb is a dystopia in its own right. The Longing is a seemingly doomed love story set in a dark, gritty landscape, where crumbling rubble and sleek skyscrapers coexist, and the album’s first single “Mirror” is a warped, yet still dreamy, Romeo and Juliet tale that will get you dancing despite the images of death.

Experience musical time travel when you download “Mirror” for FREE and watch the video below!