Meet Kraut-Pop Supergroup La Bundesliga [ARG]

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Née: Members of Ministerio De Energía, Camila Barre, and Nikita Nipone
Raíces: Zona Norte, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Sounds Like: A more accessible/pop version of Kraftwerk
You Should Listen To La Bundesliga Because…you want kraut you can dance to.

Can a band be considered a supergroup if all their members are from independent/small label bands? I say yes for the sake of this article. La Bundesliga is a kraut-pop supergroup featuring six members from Ministerio De Energía, Camila Barre, and Nikita Nipone, a.k.a. a supergroup of members of bands you should add to your list of Bands To Listen To.

The group hails from Buenos Aires and is named after the German (also Austrian) first division football league partly because of the group’s origin as a supergroup (makes no sense to me but, whatevs, I’m not in the band), partly because of their reliance on old-school Kraftwerk-era style synthesizers and keyboards. That being said, the band is less “Pocket Calculator” and more “The Model.”

Do yourself a favor and listen to their two singles immediately.