Meet La Garua: An Unorthodox Latin Blues-Rock Band

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Née: Marcos Pesado, Alonso Guerrero, Chino Ira

Raíces: Lima, Peru

Sounds Like: Latin Modern rock that got raised by an old blues man living in the swamps of Lousiana (USA)

You should listen to La Garúa because it’s so hard to find good soul music these days. Revel in the chance to hear a few musicians taking the time to play music that is all but forgotten by our generation!

La Garua is a talented and unorthodox Latin blues-rock band. This band has the ability to somehow infuse their music with strong soul and blues influences while tastefully and powerfully keeping an intentional Latin flavor to their rock ballads. This band’s taste and easy going sensuality sets them apart from the more psychedelic rooted bands that are popping up all over Latin America. La Garua not only puts a creative spin on post-modern Latin American rock and roll, but they portray a natural talent for blues and soul rock that doesn’t seem forced.

If you like American soul and blues-rock, like BB King, you’ll really enjoy the brilliant spin La Garua put on their songs. Their sound should truly be appreciated because this band has good tastes and a keen musical sensibility.