Meet La IrA de Dios: Washed Out Peruvian Psychedelic Punk Rock

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Née: Chino, Kiko, Litros, Pepe

Raíces: Lima, Peru

Sounds Like: Gritty underground punk-psych rock fusion to mosh to.

You should listen La IrA de Dios because everyone needs their rock and roll to be gritty and sludgy once in a while. These guys are not professionals, they just have a blast and that comes through in their music.

La IrA de Dios is a raw and powerful psychedelic punk rock band based out of Lima, Peru. Forming in 2001, La IrA de Dios is a veteran ensemble, planting seeds for the seemingly instantaneous growth of Peru’s psych rock and shoegaze scene that has recently spread like wildfire throughout Latin America’s young rock and roll communities.

This lo-fi and gritty band whose influences stem from punk and post punk bands like MC5 and Joy Division, create a sludgy and haunting musical atmosphere with their delayed guitars and echo laced vocals. La IrA de Dios’ 2012 release “Peru No Existe” seems to be a direct and rebellious ode to the current state of the evolving rock scene they helped create.

The band’s music, particularly on “Peru No Existe” sways from lush psych/post punk tracks to heavy, energetic drum latent punk songs, but still manages to create a respectable flow.

If you like gritty underground punk-psych rock fusion, you will love La IrA de Dios .