Meet La MiniTK del Miedo: Delicious Cumbia Goth from Colombia

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Raíces: Bogotá, Colombia
Sounds like: Nine Inch Nails in a satanic orgy with Deftones and Trent Reznor’s How to Destroy Angels.
You should listen to La MiniTK del Miedo because… your life is a never ending series of depressing melodramas leading to your inevitable mass-cult suicide.

If you like your cumbia buried under the gravelly haze of witch-house and electro distortions, then pack up your bedknobs and broomsticks. This diabol Colombian take parallels with the likes of Dani Shivers, Soft Moon and Ritualz with a Los Macuanos kind of cynicism. Like some of the previous comparisons might indicate, you may confuse La MiniTK del Miedo with any run-of-the-mill industrial hipsters who used to listen to Nine Inch Nails, Deftones, the Cure and Marilyn Manson as kids — you know those darky wanna-be-punk nerds you used to make fun of? Since hipsterdom has hailed, satanic cults all the rage, so you can either jump on the bandwagon or get off at the next abandoned and condemned exit.

La MiniTK del Miedo’s new album Muerte y Sabroso rages with obscumbia (obscure cumbia anyone?) or simpler, cumbigoth, but I’d like to focus on his other qualities. Tracks like “El palenque del Nuncajamás” and “El vacilón de Ultratumbabut” hit that subgenre mix quite well. But somewhere under to heavy synth layers and haunting melodies, La MiniTK del Miedo amasses a wide cache of openly admitted clichés from raver club music to shoegaze on tracks like “Another Night” and “El Exorcismo.” Basically, Muerte y Sabroso sounds like the album Crystal Castles should have released as their third, with a dismal dude’s voice instead of an innocent little girl lost in the Blair Witch forest.

His first single, “Yo te quiero calavera” is straight-up dark pop. There’s no tropical cadence here, just old-school ’90s alt-industrial stuff. It’s also an exclusive and promotional FREE download for you!