Meet La Monine: Chile's New Experimental Songstress

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Née: Karenn Gonzalez
Raíces: Curicó via Santiago, Chile
Sounds like: Bjork, Radiohead, Sade
You should listen to La Monine because… she is classic experimental music that is simply done well.

Karenn Gonzalez is a Chilean singer/songwriter who is very comfortable and forthright with her sound. Many experimental artists morph into becoming unique over time but have a hard time categorizing themselves, and are almost forced to describe their music as experimental. However Karenn, under the alias of La Monine, sings beautiful, dark and authentic ballads that are deliberate, and truly embody the classic tones of experimental music.

La Monine should also be highlighted and praised for her beautiful and powerfully coy voice. She is a greatly disciplined singer in regards that she can flow with difficult and minimalistic musical changes while always sounding graceful and in control.

Her music is hypnotizing and beautiful as it is haunting, sensual and romantic. If you like Bjork and Radiohead, La Monine will be an amazing discovery for you. Free download below!