Meet La Yegros: Zizek's First Lady

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Neé: Mariana Yegros
Raíces: Morón, Buenos Aires.
Sounds like: Lido Pimienta, Lulacruza.
You should listen to La Yegros because… you need more estrogen on your ñu-cumbia playlist.

Did you too notice something weird about the ZZK crew? So far it was mostly just a chorizos party. Aside from a few collaboration with female guest vocalists (Princesa with Chancha Vía Circuito, Lido Pimienta with El Remolón), the core of the ZZK Records touring troupe has always been exclusively male dominated. Otherwise this wouldn’t be real news. But the signing of a female artist by the Buenos Aires-based nightclub/label struck as quite a surprise. La Yegros is not necessarily new to the game. She had been involved in Buenos Aires avant-guard music scene since the late ’90s before she discovered the then-emerging ñu-cumbia movement invited by local pioneer Dick El Demasiado (a Dutch artist who uncovered cumbia’s hidden potential while living in Argentina and started the first experimental electronic cumbia club in the country’s capital, before ZZK was even a dream in the heads of El-G and Villa Diamante). She debuted for the foreign audience in 2009 Duty Artz-released digital EP that included remixes and production by many of ZZK’s luminaries: El Remolón, King Coya, Marcelo Fabián.

So the next step for Mariana Yegros was to get promoted to the big leagues of ñu-cumbias and drop a debut album for ZZK Records, something that we are expecting for later in 2012, but you never know, these guys take their time to release their stuff. In the meantime, there’s this one track that’s part of a compilation the Argentine label has put together with their new LA-based business partners, Waxploitation, as a sort of introduction to their eclectic catalog.

WAXPLOITATION + ZZK. Selections. by Waxploitation Artists