Meet Las Fantoms: A New Wave of Argentinian Riot Grrrls

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Née: Lau Velocitud, Estefanía Perros and Soledad Anaya,
Raíces: Lanus Oeste, Argentina
Sounds like: The Donnas and The Runaways
You should listen to Las Fantoms because… Las Fantoms is an Argentinean all female punk trio. If you grew up as a riot grrrl and boy, you can find comfort that the sound has not died.

Female punk trio Las Fantoms is making a splash in the Argentinian rock n’ roll scene by bringing a much need and still controversial musical concept that is the all female punk band.

Las Fantoms’ sound is a mix of the pre and post riot grrrl punk vibe. You can hear the attitude and simple three chord compositions that The Donnas were so famous for flaunting, but also the rebelliousness and creativity of the short lived ’70s all female American teen punk band, The Runaways.

You can hear Joan Jett, Kathleen Hannah, and other brilliant female punk musicians floating in and out of Las Fantoms’ music. This band is definitely a strong and sassy response to the male dominated hard rock scene in Argentina. Their songs are strong, fun and legitimate. Listen to “You Know Why” via Lory Puscin Records below: