Meet Las Venas, Punk Supergroup From the Heart of Madrid's Underground Clubs

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Née: Ángel, Ana, Nacho y Adriana
Raíces: Madrid, Spain
Sounds like…punk for the Vine era.
You should listen to Las Venas because…their energetic songs will give you a rush quicker than caffeine.

The punk scene in Spain has had a very successful reception since the “Movida” times. From the heart of Madrid’s underground clubs and concert rooms, a mosh of musicians from popular Spanish bands Juanita y Los Feos, Sierra Leona, His Majesty The King, and others, formed a new supergroup called Las Venas.

They debuted an EP named Vamos por la calle, a bunch of songs so brief their essence could be contained inside any kind of modern short-form messaging. These four songs loop themselves into a little less than five minutes of frantic strumming, offering a different meaning (and genre) to the term “easy listening.” At this point, the members of Las Venas are not focused on innovation or carrying a big message, they’re just exploring the fun side of punk.