Meet Los Dandy del Sur: Tijuana still keeping it Alt-Indie

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Née: Jose, Dandy Daniel, Dandy Fer, and Dandy Silver (nope, I don’t know their real names).
Raíces: Tijuas, MX
Sounds like: Two decades ago when rock en Español bands boomed with a little bit of newer electro sounds.
You should listen to Los Dandy del Sur because…. You’re nostalgic for some straight up indie rock, en español, and still wanna hear the “other side” to the New Cool Tijuana that’s not packaged under the “tech” or the “ruido” explosion.

Deriving their name from Tijuana’s iconic cantina Dandy del Sur, Los Dandy del Sur stick to the good ol’ classics of TJ’s rock and roll and new wave styles. Though this border town naturally becomes a hub for cultural hybridity due its ever mobile population and thus enabling a sonic fusion of TJ’s own nor-tec and ruidosón to the-now-migrating-to-Tijuas-but-from-Monterrey tribal guarachero, Los Dandy del Sur are on a quest to keeping it real with some alternative indie rock. Claiming influences from Café Tacvba, El Columpio Asesino to Joy Division and the Pixies, to the newer likes of Astro, Dënver and Napoleón Solo, the quartet sets up to release their first alt-indie-heavy EP Dandy out in March. From hitting up about every local venue in their hometown, the four-piece will soon showcase their debut in the capital of Mexico. So be on the lookout if you’re in that part of town.

Go ahead and throw all of the said bands above in a blender and you’ll probably get something close to “Irracional,” the group’s first single which they’re giving away for FREE, below. Sounds dandy fine to us.

Irracional by Los Dandys del Sur