Meet: Los Esquizitos, Loud Hilarious Legends [MEX]

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Twitter: @Kiddieriot

Né(e): Uili, Alex, Nacho, and Brisa
Raíces: D.F.
Sounds like: A fuzzy, garagey good time
You should listen to Los Esquizitos because…they are legends. Loud, hilarious legends.

Established in 1994, Los Esquizitos are staples of the Mexican rock scene. Their gas-huffing originals and murky covers have been the soundtrack for many a beer-soaked mosh pit, be it at tiny clubs or international festivals. Their self-titled debut album is a must for anyone who likes loud guitars and good songs.

2014 sees them celebrate 20 years of boozy shows, tube amps, and laughs galore. They have released good albums consistently and have been around for history to unfold itself in front of them. Their live shows are not only spectacles of sweating bodies (the all-female mosh pit is a staple of their gigs) and too many dBs, they are also punctuated by the stand-up-comedy-like stage banter of Uili as well as Alex’s hair iron solos, among other stunts. They have started the two-decade party at the main stage of Vive Latino and will continue the celebration at Festival Marvin.

Their surfy, murky garage rock is something you have to experience at least once.

Below is Los Esquizitos’ bandcamp page with pretty much all their music.


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