Meet Los KFN: No-Holds-Barred Rap en Español

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Née: Dinger King & Guillermo Frutos Loncán
Raíces: Somewhere in Spain
Sounds like: if Cartman from South Park started a rap group… back in 1989.
You should listen to Los KFN because… you shouldn’t take life so seriously, and laughing is always a good remedy and all that blah-blah-blah they always say about funny stuff that sucks but it’s so funny that it doesn’t.


Los KFN (also known as Kentucky Fried Nig**z) are not fishing for critical acclaim or music snob’s respect. Nor are they expecting any respect from KFC’s sopposedly stereotypical customers, if you catch my drift. And they definitely won’t be awarded in the Spanish Hip-Hop’s Hall of Fame (if such a thing existed). It’s hard not to offend anyone when talking about these guys, because they really don’t seem to care about offending everybody and their mothers with their over-the-top absurd stuff. Starting with their name down to all the disrespectful covers and/or bastard versions of classic songs they do. But hey, leave political correctness to politicians and corporate CEOs, if you ask me, when it comes to music, nothing is sacred.

With an exaggeratedly wacky old-school flow, this duo rhymes about blowjobs, masturbation and transexuals over borrowed melodies from campy hits like New Kids On The Block’s “Step by Step” or Biz Markie’s “Just a friend.” The quality of the sound is subpar, but the lyrics are demential and the artwork of each digital release (most of them offered for free download) is remarkably good making them into almost collectible items.

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