Meet Los Master Plus: Cumbiatrónica & Handlebar Mustaches

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Raíces: Guanatos.
Sounds like: Cumbia, Roger Rabbit style.
You should listen to Los Master Plus because…you not-so-secretly always had a thing for those in-vogue hipster stashes all them ranchero cousins’ cousins always sported.


Rumored to make even repressed nuns get up and dance, this duo of mischievous horn dog cumbieros, El Comanche y Larry Mon, hail from Guadalajara, Jalisco, where they make all the spring chickens fluff feathers and hatch eggs with their quacked-out sound. Whether it’s setting the dance floor on fire with their tom-knocking boots or burning retinas with their insane banda shirts, these goofball performers have been touring the Southwest and México making all the ladies melt and some mustache-fiending homeboys hot-to-trot as well. If they’re aren’t taking swan dives on stage or long trips to the beach for equal measure, you’re sure to find these two filming delicious little music videos capturing their singular clown-act cumbia with no qualms about tact.

Their last video for “Mamarazzi” is a down right hoot. It’s good to know there’s some guys out there that still have a sense of humor and know how to start the party right. With all the drama’s coming from the north end of México right now, these cowboys are sure to lasso a few laughs or twirl your bigote, even better.

[insert-video youtube=0WaWjfwKKzc]