Meet Los Mesoneros: Venezuela's Grungy Pop Quintet

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Née: Luis Jiménez on guitar and lead vocals, Andrés Belloso on bass, Andrés Sucre on drums, Juan Ignacio Sucre on lead guitar and chorus, and last but not least Carlos Sardi on keyboards.
Raíces: Caracas, Venezuela
Sounds like: La Vida Bohéme, Jarabe de Palo, and all your favorite ’90s alt rock bands á la Venezolano
You should listen to Los Mesoneros because… you’re returning to your grungy philosophical high school introspections without the angst.

So, even if their latest video doesn’t make too much sense — with a beautiful and elegantly dressed woman running around aimlessly in the forest, and the sudden emergence of slow motion frames of the band’s flopping locks — you have to give it to Los Mesoneros for rocking out like nobodies business.

Their recent video, directed by Miguel Angel Alonso, is visually superb, despite the lack of narrative or cohesive ties. You’ll see five dapperly dressed dudes head-banging along into their ’90s riff roaring melody of their latest single, “Indeleble.” The song is catchy, and definitely takes me back to my ’90s alt-rock days, but with a little more pop sensibility. But, that’s ok with me, because I think we all need a little more spunk and liveliness in our routine. Don’t you?

The band has been hard at work since their debut in 2006, and this particular gem was produced and mixed by the illustrious Venezuelan via New York, Hector Castillo who’s hashed out tracks for Gustavo Cerati, David Bowie, Bjork, and Roger Waters, to name a few. If that isn’t reason enough to give these poppy pups a chance, I donna what else to tell yuh. I mean, don’t you just wanna run your fingers through these cuties pretty pelucas? I know I do, hehe.

[insert-video youtube=OvQ7BPJrLI4]

If you happen to be in the area, Los Mesoneros will be playing PAX MIAMI (337 SW 8 Street, Miami FL) this Friday, Sept. 14 with special DJ, and Remezcla favorite, Mr. Pauer. Doors open at 9pm. Don’t miss it!