Meet Los Reyes del Falsete, The New(ish) Argentine Revelation

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Né(e): Nica Rex, Juanchy Munchy, Tifa Rex, and Fraga Roll

Raíces: Buenos Aires

Sounds Like…
Stereophonics, Sugar, Weezer, and the ’90s British invasion passed through a rock nacional filter.

You should listen to Los Reyes del Falsete because…according to many, they’re one of the most interesting bands to come out of Argentina recently.

Los Reyes del Falsete have been around since 2009, when they debuted their well-received full-length, La Fiesta de la Forma, on Triple RRR Discos. The label has been striking gold with a great roster of bands—including Uruguayan neo-blues rockers Los Oxford—and Los Reyes del Falsete is no exception to the rule. Their style is a mixture of ’90s Brit rock influences mixed with doo-wop, surf rock, and even a little bit of dance punk. This puts them in a perpetual in-between status that basically affords them an endless array of sonic possibilities, which they take full advantage of in their second album, Días Nuestros.

I was impressed by how fun, youthful, and in-the moment their music is; but I was specifically taken by how they manage to dodge categorization by creating an album with 12 tracks that might as well have nothing to do with each other. Within the same rock spectrum, they jump around from dance rock to alternative to pop, effortlessly and unapologetically. They also create resonant acoustic tracks that are both rich in style and technique, not to mention a welcome break to the raucousness they’re fond of. No wonder they’ve been touted as one of the most interesting bands to come out of Argentina recently. With that said, there’s no better time to urge you to go download their discography for free over at Triple RRR discos.