Meet Los Rusos Hijos de Puta: Irreverent Porteño Punks with One Hell of a Name

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Né(e): Luludot Viento, Flor Mazzone, Santi Mazzanti, and Julian “Guile” Desbats

Raíces: Buenos Aires

Sounds Like: Blondie, Jessy Bulbo

You should listen to Los Rusos Hijos de Puta because…Luludot Viento is as badass as they come, and she’ll make you want to dance and throw things. Besides, how can you not pay attention to that name?

Luludot Viento and Julian Desbats make one hell of a duo: dissonant, dysfunctional, and all about not giving a fuck. This makes Los Rusos Hijos de Puta one of the most punk rock things to come out of the Buenos Aires independent music scene, with an enviable style (both visually and musically) and incredibly strong character. Their style is a mixture of British punk rock, psychobilly, dance punk, and pop of the darkest vein, filtered through the rock nacional ethos.

Along with Mazzone and Mazzanti, Los Rusos Hijos de Puta created a hardcore (sometimes slowcore?) lo-fi sound, with a guitar that’s distorted just enough to creep under your skin. They’ll scream at you, they’ll taunt you (check out the “tu madre no te quiere” line in “Tu Mami”), they’ll sing about girls and boys and sometimes they’ll do it off key, too. I can’t speak from experience, but I have a feeling seeing Los Rusos Hijos de Puta do their thing live has got to be a life-changing experience…or an opportunity to get punched in the face in the moshpit. Either way, you’ll have fun. I suggest you go get their EP Hola, it’s free!

[insert-video youtube=eLt0zTFWB6E]