Meet Los Transatlánticos: Global Cumbia Bass with a Balkan twist

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Née: Dean Bagar, Pablo Gaviria and others.
Raíces: Berlin, Germany and Bogotá, Colombia
Sounds like: The best of Bomba Estéreo, Systema Solar and Sidestepper with a Transglobal Underground twist and a lot more bass.
You should listen to Los Transatlánticos because… when it comes to ñu-cumbia, this is some next level shit. Seriously.

Right when you thought you’ve already heard all that the tropi-global bass scene has to offer, out of nowhere — actually out of both sides of the Atlantic and at the same time — comes Los Transatlánticos.

Imagine what would happen if a Croatian producer by way of Berlin, Germany and a Colombian musician somehow got stranded together on a Caribbean island populated by rudeboy dancehall toasters with a kickass sound-system. It does sound a bit like a scenario of a Lost discarded script, but it’s pretty much the real premise behind this new transcontinental project.

Los Transatlánticos are the first global-bass artists signed by prestigious British boutique label BBE Music and their debut album (coming out soon) is packed with some of the strongest ñu-cumbia tracks with the heaviest bass-lines your body can resist on the dance-floor, and an unexpected Balkan/middle-eastern twist. Here we have them doing an awesome free take on the dancehall classic “Action” by Terror Fabulous and Nadine Sutherland. If this doesn’t make you wanna cross the Atlantic back and forth, I really don’t know what will.

[insert-video youtube=6NQBzNFwRvs]