Meet Madame Récamier: The Mexican Socialite

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Née: Gina Récamier
Raíces: All over
Sounds like: Carla Morrison, Francisca Valenzuela, Regina Spektor
You should listen to Madame Récamier because…she’s fancy.


Mexico tends to have some soft-singing leading ladies (see Carla Morrison, her Cosmica label mate, and Natalia Lafourcade). But somehow they tend to be consistently good. Now we have the ancestrally regal Madame Récamier, née Gina Recamier, who, quirkily enough, is a descendant of French socialite Juliette Récamier (for whom they named a fancy chair after!). But she’s anything but bougie. Her songs are polished but home grown, with a soundtrack readiness that will warm any cold heart. I can particularly imagine “Pam Pam Pam” (video below) as the intro to any charming indie flick, what with the whim of the piano keys and her almost childlike voice.

Although a multi-city transplant (she’s lived in Querétaro, Houston, and Milan), the 23-year-old has now settled down in Mexico City, where she’s working on the followup album to her 2009 debut Chocolate and touring along the West Coast opening for Hello Seahorse!.

Download Madame Récamier’s “Pam Pam Pam.” Maybe you’ll be inspired to write the next Juno.